The Knox Project is designed to be a neutral program that operates strictly on the principles of truth, fairness, and respect, with no outside influence.


The Knox Project is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping young minorities reframe from the use of drugs, bullying, and other poor choices that could harm their future and cause them any unnecessary hardship. We use a variety of teaching methods which include: stage presentations, peer testimonies, motivational speakers, as well as counselors and police officers to help us accomplish this goal. 


The Knox Project also reaches out to willing police officers to help them to identify any implicit or explicit biases that they may have. As well as provide them with the knowledge and tools to help them to remove such biases so that they can serve and protect all the communities in the city of Chicago better. 


With all that we do, The Knox Project has made it a priority to go a step further and operate as a neutral organization on two fronts in order to help build an understanding and respectable relationship between Chicago Police officers and young minorities. This task may seem hard or impossible to some, but we here at The Knox Project believe deeply in our mission, and over the course of 2 years, we have wheeled great success with the educational methods that we use. By helping willing police officers to understand the plight of young minorities, and educating young minorities on the purpose and plight of police officers: We have seen hundreds of Chicago police officers & young minorities become educated on one another and began to look at each other in a better light.  


“The Knox Project is a much-needed program and I highly recommend that the Chicago Police Department add it to its program curriculum”

– Active Chicago Police Department Officer