The Knox Project is designed to be a neutral program that operates strictly on the principles of truth, fairness, and respect, with no outside influence.


The Knox Project reduces implicit bias through an intervention between law enforcement policy, officer training methods and community stakeholders. Our program will introduce potential amendments and/or modifications to current officer academy training programs to increase community safety and procedural justice.

A partnership between law enforcement and the public-school systems are unique opportunities to emphasize protocol for interaction with any law enforcement officer(s), inspire our young adult community to make knowledgeable and well-informed decisions that return positive outcomes.

This interaction will offer a safe platform for reconciliation and further strengthening relationships between young adults, law enforcement and community stakeholders. This collaboration will offer the foundation for principled policing, community safety and increased transparency while providing an educational platform focused on decreasing bias.


First, we challenge young adults to examine the constitutional law and present scenarios on how to exercise ones’ rights in a respectful and proper manner when interacting with law enforcement.

Secondly, young adults are enlightened about the duties, dangers, sacrifices, and stress that law enforcement officers experience daily while performing their duty to protect and serve our communities.

Finally, in collaboration with law enforcement and educators, we present an educational awareness program that instructs young adults on a respectful protocol to hopefully avoid negative consequences such as expensive legal trialsincarcerationarrest recordsphysical injuryrevoked scholarshipsgrants, student loans or an unfortunate fatality.