Protect and Respect is an interactive law enforcement presentation conducted primarily for high school students. The program will have a representative from law enforcement, a facilitator and possibly the school counselor in attendance.

The program will address youth interaction with law enforcement officers, distracted driving, violent acts, bullying, assaults and internet crime, all of which are a growing concern with our young adults. Through this platform we explore opportunities to openly address concerns from both sides and look for real resolutions that produce both measurable and sustainable positive outcomes.

In addition, we will seek to bring a new level of consciousness and encourage school systems to invest in more resources within our present educational system. These resources should offer evaluations and genuine support to any student needing mental health assistance.


Law enforcement departments are encouraged to promote and adopt new measures and training models that facilitate better outcomes with youth interactions. Officers go through sensitivity training simulations and real-world implementation techniques to neutralize volatile encounters when engaging and communicating with young adults, especially during non-threatening interactions.

The Culture Club team is adopted and led by high school and college students seeking the opportunity to meet with cooperative law enforcement officers to candidly address real concerns in the communities. Through positive dialogue, participants begin to identify a common ground to nurture a new paradigm of respect for each other’s viewpoint and work towards positive change.

1300 Minority Youth

1500+ Active Law Enforcement Officers

100% Respect and Protection on Both Sides