What Are my legal Rights At Time of Stop?

What is Financial Responsibility?

What happens if I don’t have Insurance?

I cannot find my registration, am I going to jail?

What if the officer wants me to get out of the car?

Do I allow a search of my car if the officer ask?

Do I need to role my window down all the way?

The officer ask if I have been drinking  and wants to perform a test?

I was speeding because of an emergency, what should I do?

Know Your Legal Rights!

* If you are asked to take a Field Sobriety Test?

* If you are asked to take a Breathalyzer Test?

* If you are driving with a Suspended License?

* If you are driving with an Expired License?

* If you are involved in a Traffic Accident?

* Leaving the Scene of an Accident?

* Carrying a concealed weapon without a Permit?

* Stopped and frisk on the street

* Can I really get a ticket for Jaywalking?

These are just some of the violations you can be stopped for?


*  Tinted Windows (Legal Tint Laws in various states)

Lost or Expired Temp-Tag(s)

Expired Plates and Inspection sticker

Not Wearing Your Seat Belts

Loud Noise (Music) or Modified Equipment on your ride

Planned Check Points

Equipment Violations: Head Lights & Tail Lights

Running a Red Light or Stop Sign

Illegal Right Turn or failure to use turn signal within 100 ft.

School & Construction Zones Speeding Violations

Probable Cause

Texting While Driving

Public Intoxication and a Stop and Frisk Program 

Land on the wrong side of the US Judicial System and it could cost you…dearly!

* Arrest Records


* Handcuffed and Incarcerated


* Financially – Legal Fees


* Multiple Court Appearances


* Probation Restrictions


* Psychological and Emotional Stress
* Debilitating Injury from The Arresting Officer


* Loss of Scholarships and/or Grants


* Student Federal Loans Denied


* Voting Rights Denied


* Unfortunate Fatality

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